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Jim Zylstra to be speaker at 64th annual FUN show in Orlando for WIN

“A 20 minute power-point on the subject of bride-price in primitive money comes to mind.  The social standards of that time were distinctly patriarchal and might make for some interesting discussion.  I shall try to leave time for questions, as I am sure some may have questions or at least comments!

Mr. Zylstra has been exhibiting, judging, writing and speaking on numismatics for about ten years.   At the 2018 MSNS Fall Convention, he received a 1st place for the exhibit, “Primitive Money from the Democratic Republic of Congo,” as well as having that exhibit named Adult Exhibit of the Year, for which he received a scholarship to the ANA Summer Seminar.  He is also the 2016 recipient of the CSNS 2nd place Elston G. Bradford/Roland W. Finner Literary Award.  He has just completed a book entitled: Primitive Money of Africa: Tales and Details. Plans are to retire in a few years.

Congratulations to the following Women In Numismatic members who were recently recognized at the 2018 ANA World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia for their outstanding contributions to numismatics:

Cindy Wibker received the 2018 Farran Zerbe award which is the highest honor conferred by the ANA and is given in recognition of numerous years of outstanding, dedicated service to numismatics. The recipient should be an individual who has rendered numerous years of outstanding service to the ANA as well as the field of numismatics. The nominee should be a former Medal of Merit and Glenn Smedley Memorial Award recipient. This award is limited to members of the ANA.


Prue Fitts received the Elvira Clain-Steffanelli award for Achievement in Numismatics was established and first given in 2013 to honor women who have made significant contributions to numismatics. These contributions, whether in research, leadership or mentorship, must have made a lasting impact on the numismatic community and demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the betterment of numismatics.



Mark Lighterman received the ANA lifetime achievement award for making outstanding contributions to organized numismatics. The recipient should be an individual, family, firm or judicial entity that has achieved extraordinary accomplishments in the field of numismatics and should have a strong record of professional involvement in the industry.




Bob Fritsch received the Joseph Boling award for excellence in numismatic judging




Michael Shutterly received the Women in Numismatics exhibiting award for Remember the Ladies for the best exhibit demonstrating an aspect of the roles of women in numismatics; as representational images, artists, producers, scholars, collectors, etc.


Abby Zechman received the ANA’s Outstanding Young Numismatist of the Year award and for winning Best in Show for her exhibit. This award honors young collectors for outstanding contributions to the hobby and industry. Recipients should exhibit a positive attitude, strong communication skills, cooperation, dependability and avid interest in expanding their numismatic knowledge.

Louise Boling received the WIN Gloria Peters Literary Award for the best article published in Winning Ways during the previous calendar year for her article, “A Novel Way to Display a Collection: Jack L. Boling – A Life in Stitches.”




Cindy’s been described as “never meeting a stranger” and “always seeing the good in everything.” She doesn’t know if this optimism is a learned behavior or if she inherited it, but she says that this outlook makes waking up every day a true blessing!

The January Florida United Numismatists show is one of the biggest and best coin conventions in the world, and the summer FUN show is gaining momentum. Much of this success can be attributed to the hard work of Cindy Wibker, easily recognized by her orange FUN shirt and big smile.     READ Entire Article HERE at COINWORLD.COM

Women in numismatics unite in 1991 to WIN: Form the Memory Bank

Hobby organization marks 25 years in 2016

By , Special to Coin World
Published : 07/12/16

Numismatic collectibles, both as a hobby and a business, has been and remains a predominately male domain, about 90 percent male and 10 percent female.

But that statistic does not begin to tell this story.

As the last decade of the 20th century dawned, it was evident that women were increasingly visible both in participation and leadership within the numismatic community in the United States.   Click HERE for the rest of the story!

Newman Numismatic Portal Scans Winning Ways

 winwomeninnumism1n03wome_0001Women in Numismatics (WIN, founded in 1991) has published Winning Ways since 1992, and the issues from 1992 – 2007 are now available on the Newman Portal.  Additional issues will be posted in due course.  The U.S. Mint Engraver Elizabeth Jones was an early supporter of WIN and created the club logo, which first appeared in the third issue.  Early writers for Winning Ways included Q. David Bowers, and Ken Bressett, who held forth in The Bibliophile columnThe Newman Portal acknowledges Charmy Harker, WIN President, and Dave Heinrich, Winning Ways Editor, for their assistance with this project.




Link to Winning Ways on the Newman Portal: