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solidus_irene1599WIN is a nationally incorporated non-profit organization founded in 1991. Membership includes people interested in promoting numismatics among women.


  • Provide a network for members
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Gain recognition for women in numismatics

Women are encouraged to become involved by serving as officers, speakers, writers, and mentors.

WIN was founded in 1991 as a network for female numismatists, both newcomers and established collectors. It encourages fellowship and networking among members, and promotes education through speaking engagements and seminars. The group’s magazine, Winning Ways, is published three times yearly and features scholarly numismatic articles.

Women have much to contribute to the hobby, science, and business of numismatics. Membership in WIN is not limited by gender. We welcome anyone who has an interest in numismatics, is willing to help us promote the hobby, and abides by our code of ethics.


Women in Numismatics is pleased to announce that their next social mixer will be on Thursday, Aug. 13 at the Red Bar & Lounge at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, 9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Rosemont, Illinois, beginning at 6:00 p.m. There will be a cash bar and finger foods will be provided. For more information, please contact president Charmy Harker at charmy@thepennylady.com.

New Book from Whitman Publishing Showcases the 100 Greatest Women on Coins

100-Greatest-Women-on-Coins_coverAtlanta, Georgia — With the U.S. Treasury getting ready to feature a woman on the new $10 bill, the subject of women on money is more relevant today than ever before. To celebrate this, Whitman Publishing announces the release of a beautifully illustrated new coffee-table book, 100 Greatest Women on Coins. Ron Guth, one of America’s most popular authorities on money, takes the reader on a personal guided tour of coins from ancient Greece to our modern-day pocket change.

“America’s currency is a way for our nation to make a statement about who we are and what we stand for,” Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said on June 17, 2015. “The images of great American leaders and symbols they depict have long been a way for us to honor our past and express our values.” This has been true about images on coins worldwide for thousands of years.

The 100 Greatest Women on Coins include real women such as Cleopatra, Martha Washington, p70and Mother Teresa; goddesses such as Athena, Demeter, and Nike; allegorical women (who represent an idea or nationality) such as Miss Liberty, Mother Earth, and Britannia; and women in art, such as La Pietà and Auguste Renoir’s Girls at the Piano.

100 Greatest Women on Coins is a celebration of the hundreds of women who have appeared on coins from ancient times to the present,” says author Ron Guth. “This is a book about mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, empresses, queens, ballerinas, athletes, goddesses, regents, allegorical figures, and the many forms in which women have appeared on coins. It’s the story of women who have made important contributions to history, politics, the arts, the sciences, and myriad other fields.”

The 100 Greatest were ranked and voted into place by members of Women in Numismatics, a national hobby organization of collectors, dealers, researchers, and historians. The coins on which the 100 Greatest Women appear include valuable gold and silver pieces, unusual commemoratives, and super-rarities, as well as more common pieces that you can find in your pocket change.

p20-21The book includes a foreword by Charmy Harker, president of Women in Numismatics and a noted coin dealer, who calls it “a fascinating look into the important role women have played throughout numismatic history and throughout history in general.”


100 Greatest Women on Coins is not just a price guide or a fancy picture book,” says Whitman Publishing president Mary Burleson. “It’s a time machine that takes the reader to a hundred different points in world history. And it’s a fascinating and colorful introduction to the hobby of collecting coins.”

The book is coffee-table size, 128 pages, full color, with photographs and stories for every coin. It also includes market values and tips on building an impressive coin collection. Retail price is $29.95. 100 Greatest Women on Coins will be available in September 2015, online and at hobby shops and bookstores nationwide. It can be pre-ordered online, including at www.Whitman.com.

 100 Greatest Women on Coins  ·  By Ron Guth; foreword by Charmy Harker  ·  ISBN 0794843360

Hardcover, coffee-table size (10 x 12 inches)  ·  128 pages  ·  Full color  ·  Retail $29.95 U.S.  ·  Online at www.whitman.com/store/Inventory/Detail/100-Greatest-Women-on-Coins+0794843360


Women In Numismatics is very pleased to announce a fun and easy way for you to get involved in supporting numismatic education! Each year, WIN pays for one lucky numismatist’s tuition and board for a semester at the American Numismatic Association’s annual Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs – and we need your help to keep this amazing scholarship program going.

We’re holding a 25-25/50 raffle fundraiser, which means TWO lucky winners will each walk away with 25% of the total raffle ticket sales, and 50% will go directly to WIN’s scholarship program to ANA’s Summer Seminar. Tickets are only $1 each or 6 for $5. So pick up a ticket or two for your chance to “win” while supporting WIN! You can send your contribution to

Cindy Wibker, WIN Secretary, P.O. Box 471147, Lake Monroe, FL 32747-1147.

WIN President Charmy Harker will also be selling tickets at the ANA Summer Seminar in Colorado Springs during the week of June 26-July2, 2015, as well as during the summer Baltimore show in July. You can also purchase tickets from Charmy and Cindy throughout the Chicago ANA in August. The drawing will be held on SATURDAY, AUGUST 15 – and WINNERS NEED NOT BE PRESENT. So don’t pass up an opportunity to be part of this worthwhile fundraiser, and perhaps wind up with a few extra coin spending bucks!

Mark WieclawWomen in Numismatics Welcomes

Mark Wieclaw as speaker at ANA’s

World’s Fair of Money meeting

Women in Numismatics is pleased to announce that Mark Wieclaw, collector, exhibitor, presenter and host chairperson for the 2013 ANA World’s Fair of Money in Chicago, will be our speaker on Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. in Room 41 of the Donald Stephens Convention Center. His topic will be “Brookgreen Gardens-Art, Nature, Numismatics?”

Mark has been a collector since 1975, with a focus on ancient coins that began in 1981. He has received both the ANA Presidential Award and Krause Publications “Numismatic Ambassador” Award. Mark is also an exhibitor and an exhibit judge at local, state, regional and national shows. He is a writer for the Illinois Numismatic Association, the Central States Centinal, and has also served as editor of the ILNA Digest.

Brookgreen Gardens is the floral jewel of South Carolina’s coastal community. Located south of Myrtle Beach, the 9,100 acre property highlights a number of different gardens, and is designated as a National Historic Landmark and listed on the Register of National Historic Places. In addition to a sculpture garden, there is a labyrinth, a history and wildlife preserve, a zoo, an aviary and lots of trails to explore.

CharmyThe More I Know, the More I Realize What I Don’t Know

An Essay on Why We Should Never Stop Seeking Knowledge and…. the Most Important Reason to Attend the ANA Summer Seminar!

By Charmy Harker “The Penny Lady®”

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VP of WIN Amanda Varner  was recognized by ANA President Walt Ostromecki as a ‘Points of Numismatic Light’

Amanda Points of Light              Amanda Points of Light 2


Charmy Harker “The Penny Lady®” shares her 2015 Spring CSNS Convention Show Report


    Read the show report with lots of eye candy HERE




Kari Brower was recognized by ANA President Walt Ostromecki as a ‘Point of Numismatic Light’ during the April 16th meeting of the Ocean County Coin Club (OCCC) in New Jersey. The meeting featured a free public educational outreach program and salute to the ANA’s National Coin Week as well as a special tribute honoring member, Kari Brower, a dedicated and knowledgeable East Coast and ANA hobby supporter-volunteer of more than forty years. Handling the award presentation on behalf of ANA President Ostromecki was OCCC Past President and retired ANA Regional Coordinator, Jim Majoros. Kari Brower, a resident of Brick, NJ, was cited for her long standing commitment and service to the New Jersey and surrounding area coin collector community. Additionally, she was credited with enhancing the numismatic experience of and sharing the fun of the numismatic hobby with countless others. “She has had a most profound influence and impact on, from behind the scenes, both adult and young budding hobbyists for over forty years,” noted Ostromecki in his accompanying letter which was read aloud before assembled club members and visitors alike during the presentation ceremony by Majoros.

What is even more awesome about Kari Brower’s numismatic accomplishments and exploits over forty some years is the fact she does not drive and never has. WOW! Now, that’s what you call a passion, a deep rooted driving force within oneself to make a concerted effort to share the joy of the numismatic hobby of numismatics despite an obstacle —something which can certainly be recognized ‘as above and beyond the call of duty’! Kari Brower is a pro-active ANA life member, an avid published numismatic writer, deeply involved WIN member of at least twenty years and an experience numismatic exhibitor –and more over a now recognized ‘ANA Point of Numismatic Light’. Kari Brower 04-2015 Photo 1- Kari Brower (R with award in hand) receiving her ANA Point of Numismatic Light recognition certificate from Jim Majoros (L) as a number the newer and younger OCCC members look on.

Central States Numismatic Society’s Speaker in April 2015

Allan Schein

Women in Numismatics is pleased to announce that its speaker for the April 23rd Allan Schein 2meeting at the Central States Numismatic Society’s 76th Convention will be none other than Allan Schein, author of Mexican Beauty – Belleza Mexicana, Un Peso Caballito. This meeting will take place on Thursday, Apr. 23rd at 9:00 a.m. in the Serenity Room. Information on the speaker appears below. We hope to see you there!

Allan Schein, numismatist and researcher, is the author of Mexican Beauty – Belleza Mexicana, Un Peso Caballito; the first book ever written about the Little Horse Peso. A World silver crown classic, it is considered one of the most beautiful coin designs ever created. Allan, a successful businessman, Senior Taekwondo Master and former endurance athlete will discuss in detail this seemingly straight forward graphic design. He will share his insights into the complex combination of symbolism incorporated by French designer Charles Pillet, coupled with elements included from the history of Mexico, its cultural references and more. Having written extensively for several national martial arts magazines and authored a bestselling Taekwondo book, Allan has spent the last several years compiling what has been called a “landmark” and “important reference” by professional dealers of Mexican Numismatics.

Darling, Can You Spare a Dime? How Victorians Fell in Love With Pocket Change

By Lisa Hix February 9th, 2015   

Love Token

A young Victorian woman stands on a beach and stares out past the crashing waves, far out into the ocean, wondering where her sweetheart is now. His ship sailed months ago, and he’s not due to return for years. She has no way to hear his voice saying he loves her. The only comfort she has is the coin in her hand. She runs her fingertips over his initials engraved on one side and forget-me-nots on the other, and she feels soothed. (More)