About WIN


solidus_irene1599WIN is a nationally incorporated non-profit organization founded in 1991. Membership includes people interested in promoting numismatics among women.


  • Provide a network for members
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Gain recognition for women in numismatics

Women are encouraged to become involved by serving as officers, speakers, writers, and mentors.

WIN was founded in 1991 as a network for female numismatists, both newcomers and established collectors. It encourages fellowship and networking among members, and promotes education through speaking engagements and seminars. The group’s magazine, Winning Ways, is published three times yearly and features scholarly numismatic articles.

Women have much to contribute to the hobby, science, and business of numismatics. Membership in WIN is not limited by gender. We welcome anyone who has an interest in numismatics, is willing to help us promote the hobby, and abides by our code of ethics.


WIN is thrilled to announce that we received $1,384 for our Summer Seminar scholarship raffle.  And our big winners are Rick Sear and Larry Hair who each won 25% of the total sales which is $346 each.  And to top it off, both winners have graciously donated their winnings back to WIN!!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped us raise money for WIN’s Summer Seminar!!!