Aug 182014

Kathy Freeland Red Cross PresentationKathy Freeland was our guest speaker and gave a great presentation on Red Cross Bookthe American Red Cross (ARC) collectibles, and the publication of her recent book on the topic.  She said she has been attending MPC (Military Payment Certificate) Fest for about 10 years, and she started writing her book, “American Red Cross in World War II Collector’s Guide” about two years ago.  Kathy then showed slides of six different types of collectibles: (1) chits, including some from Europe and Australia, (2) checks, assumed to be used by clubs that needed supplies, including two shown from the Calcutta ARC, written from Account 149 of the Calcutta Agency of the Bank of China, (3) short snorters, which are notes of money that the guys in the war signed, along with a few ARC girls, (4) materials used to fund the ARC, such as the handbook for salesmen who went door-to-door and samples of the shares the individuals could buy, (5) postcards, including two types – clubmobiles and service club scenes, and (6) Prisoner of War Relief 2014 Red Cross Snack Tickets food packages that held cigarettes, lunch meat, raisins, cheese, chocolate, orange concentrate, liver paste, biscuits and corned beef.  Kathy said funds for the ARC could also be raised via benefit baseball games and track and field events.




Also, WIN’s 2012 Gloria Peters Literary Award was presented to Prue Fitts for her article, “Let’s Hear It For the Ladies.”  The 2013 Gloria Peters Literary Award winner was Kathy Skelton for her article, “Musicians On Coins: The House That Bach Built.”  Prue and Kathy will each receive an engraved plaque with the WIN logo and a check in the amount of $50.00


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