Charmy Harker


Charmy Harker

Biography of Charmy Harker

Charmy acquired her passion for coins late in life after inheriting a group of coins from an aunt.  Since she was busy raising a family and working fulltime as a litigation paralegal, she felt she didn’t have enough time to learn about all the coins she had acquired so, having always enjoyed Native American history, Charmy decided to study, learn about, and specialize in Indian cents.  She began upgrading the Indian cents she had inherited, then selling off the duplicates to help pay for her new acquisitions.  She soon did the same thing with Lincoln cents and early copper, and eventually turned her passion into a fulltime business known as “The Penny Lady®.”  She now travels all over the country buying and selling her quality pennies at most of the major coin shows, as well as through her website:

Collecting Interests

Charmy has acquired an impressive mint state collection of both Indian and Lincoln cents that includes many beautifully toned pieces as well as some fascinating mint state errors.  She also has a passion for collecting high quality Conder Tokens (British Provincial Tokens of the late 18th Century), as well as fun and quirky penny exonumia pieces which includes all kinds of things made out of or using U.S. and foreign pennies such as tiny teapots, encasements, elongates, “pie cutters,” “push outs,” trench art, spoons, capped cents, enameled pennies, etc.  She had a professional coin photographer (Todd Pollock at BluCCPhotos) photograph her collections and displays them on her website:

Service to Numismatics

In August 2013, Charmy proudly agreed to serve as President of WIN.  She also currently Chairs the ANA’s Dealer Relations Committee with a mandate to gather information and suggestions on how the ANA can better serve dealers at its coin shows.  Further, Charmy regularly writes a travel-blog about her travels and experiences at many of the coins shows she attends and publishes them on Facebook and various coin forums.  She also volunteers to help with the kids’ treasure trivia hunts at each of the ANA and Long Beach coin shows.

Numismatics Awards

In January 2014, Charmy was honored with the ANA Presidential Award for her “outstanding and on-going faithful and dedicated service in making a difference in numismatics for others over the years as an ANA member.”

In 2013, she entered the world of competitive numismatic exhibiting for the first time and created an exhibit of her penny exonumia, called “Penny Potpourri – a Collection of Penny Creations.”  She plans to display and compete with her exhibit at various shows throughout 2013-2014.  As of January 2014, her Penny Potpourri exhibit has won the following awards:

  • Best in Show Runner Up, People’s Choice, and First in Class – Chicago ANA, August 2013
  • Best in Show – Long Beach Coin Show, September 2013
  • People’s Choice/Best in Show – Houston Money Show, December 2013
  • Best in Show, People’s Choice, and First in Class – FUN Show Orlando, January 2014

Numismatic Organizations

Charmy is a member of the following organizations:

  • ANA (American Numismatic Association)
  • PNG (Professional Numismatist Guild)
  • PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service)
  • NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation)
  • WIN (Women in Numismatics) – President 2013 – current
  • Fly-In Club (Flying Eagle and Indian Cents Club)
  • EAC (Early American Copper Club)
  • CTCC (Condor Token Collector’s Club)
  • TAMS (Token and Medal Society)
  • FUN (Florida United Numismatists)
  • Central States Numismatic Society

Published Articles

Lastly, Charmy has written and published several articles in both the Fly-In Club’s Longacre’s Ledger and Women in Numismatics’ Winning Ways, as well as several online coin forums:

  1. The Penny Lady® Story
  2. Penny Exonumia – a Collection of Penny Creations
  3. The More I Know, the More I Realize What I Don’t Know (an Essay on Why We Should Never Stop Seeking Knowledge and… the Most Important Reason to Attend the ANA Summer Seminar!)
  4. Coin Show Etiquette (From a Dealer’s Perspective)
  5.  My Favorite Things (Favorite Pieces from My Indian Cent Collection)
  6.  A Day (or Two) in the Life of a Coin Dealer – One Dealer’s Account of Planning, Preparing for, and Participating in a Coin Show
  7. The Blog (Helpful Hints on Navigating the World of Coin Forums)
  8. Dealer War Stories (A Glimpse into Experiences with a few Difficult Customers)
  9. Subjectivity in Grading