Cindy Wibker


Cindy WibkerMy love of numismatics began in the spring of 1975 when I purchased my first Civil War Token for $1.00.  Since that day I have been totally involved in every aspect of the hobby – as a board member or officer of various organizations, writing articles, contributing author to 10 books on various topics of tokens and medals, exhibitor and exhibit judge, and currently as the convention coordinator of Florida United Numismatists (FUN).  I was fortunate enough to turn my passion for my hobby into a very demanding career dealing with numismatists and collectors from around the world.

I am proud to be a charter member of Women In Numismatics (WIN), and have served on the board of WIN for over a decade.  I also hold a life membership in FUN, the ANA (American Numismatic Association), TAMS (Token And Medal Society), CWTS (Civil War Token Society), OHNS (Original Hobo Nickel Society) and CSNS (Central States Numismatic Society).

After collecting tokens and medals for 20+ years, I changed my collecting interest to ancient coins with portraits of women in the late 1990’s.  I am attracted to the history behind the numismatic items, more than the items themselves.  I think this is why I was never interested in a “traditional” collection of U.S. coins.  There is endless cataloging and research to be done on topics of tokens and medals, and there is infinite research that can be performed on ancient coins and the people depicted on them.  Whether you have been collecting for a few weeks or a lifetime, numismatics can hold your interest and help educate you about many historical topics or eras.  Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to all numismatists, so I hope you are getting the most out of your hobby and will join and support our mission at WIN!