Helen-Louise Boling


Biography for Helen-Louise Boling [I go by Louise]

I have been hanging around on the periphery of numismatics for decades, having been to eleven ANA conventions and eleven MPC Fests. It is only in the last couple of years, however, that I have bowed to the inevitable and agreed that my occasional acquisition of odd and unusual artifacts at numismatic shows and conventions really must be considered “collecting.” My favorite and one of my first such pieces is an Afghani tribal necklace made of tubes of seed beads separated by Afghani and Pakistani coins, centered by a brass rectangular pendant set with glass “jewels” – quite the attention grabber! After attending several WIN meetings to hear the speakers, I became a member in 2014. This summer I am making a further commitment to numismatics by attending the ANA Summer seminar and taking the course on exhibit building. [My thanks go to the ANA for generous scholarship support.] I am a pediatric nurse practitioner, retiring this summer, and am married to Joseph Boling, ANA Chief Judge.