Kathy Freeland


Kathy FreelandKathy Freeland has been involved in numismatics since 1994, the year after she married Dan Freeland, already a collector with many numismatic interests. Her joke has been that Dan found something for her to collect so she would attend shows with him and not be bored! She has served one term on the Michigan State Numismatic Society Board, but has preferred to help with membership as she volunteers to man the membership table at both MSNS conventions as well as answer questions for visitors to the conventions. She currently holds the following positions:

  1. Life Member of Michigan State Numismatic Society
  2. President of Mich-TAMS (Michigan Token and Medal Society)
  3. Past- President of Flint Flying Eagle Coin Club (local club in Flint, MI)
  4. Member of Marysville Coin Club
  5. Life Member of Central States Numismatic Society
  6. Life Member of ANA – also a certified judge
  7. Member and new Publicity Chairperson of WIN
  8. Member of Love Token Society
  9. Attendee at ANA Summer Seminar 9 of the last 10 years
  10. Life Member of Civil War Token Society
  11. New Secretary of TAMS

Love Tokens are probably her most extensive collection, but she has acquired some ancient coins (Hadrian, emperor of Rome), ANA Women’s Badges, Tune Tokens, and a variety of other items that interest her, the most recent being American Red Cross items such as chits and clubmobile items from World War II. She has recently gained an interest in women’s decorations from Japan, as helped by Joe Boling with his knowledge of all things Japanese.

As a media specialist at Millington Community Schools, she realizes the importance of getting our younger generations involved in numismatics. To this end, she has done presentations at school to her elementary library students about all areas of numismatics, using “The Money Story” video, lessons from the “Coins in the Classroom” class she took at ANA Summer Seminar several years ago, and information from the U.S. Mint and BEP websites. She has also done presentations at the Millington High School related to World War II Numismatics and ancient coins to show students that there is much to learn about numismatics and their place in the history of our country and of the world. Although she is now retired from education, she continues to be active with students as a way to get them involved in numismatics. She received her Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor certification and will be completing her third training with boys from the Flint Area.

Exhibiting has been of great importance to Kathy, as she believes that this is one way people can learn about all the things that are available for people to collect. The first exhibits she saw were at the ANA Summer Convention held in Detroit, MI in the summer of 1994. After this, she has worked to exhibit at almost every coin show she has attended, and has managed to improve her exhibits as she observes the ways that others exhibit, gaining knowledge from others. She has won several first place awards at ANA, MSNS, and placed well at CSNS and other events. Some day, she hopes to win Best-in-Show, but has yet to achieve that accomplishment.