David Heinrich


In my everyday life, I have been the co-owner of a commercial case goods and cabinetry manufacturing company for the past 30 years. I have been married for 34 years and I am the father of two amazing young women who rekindled my love for numismatics when they were just little girls, for which I am very grateful.

In my numismatic life, I served eight years as a governor and two as vice president of the Central States Numismatic Society, serving on the education, archive, and finance committees and as chair of the YN committee. I have been president of the Cincinnati Numismatic Association for the past thirteen years and I am the editor of our monthly publication, The Cincinnati Numismatist.

I am the current editor of Winning Ways, the tri-annual journal of Women In Numismatics.

I am a life member of the ANA & CSNS and a member of Woman In Numismatics-WIN, Central Ohio Numismatic Association-CONA, Indiana State Numismatic Association, and the Cincinnati Numismatic Association. I was a recipient of the Glenn Smedley Award and an ANA Presidential Award in 2010. I received a Numismatic Ambassador award and the Lawrence J. Gentile, Sr. Memorial Award for Outstanding Adult Advisor in 2016.