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On Saturday, August 11th, 2018, Women in Numismatics is pleased to announce that they will be hosting their general membership meeting of 2018 at the ANA Words Fail of Money Show with a presentation by Charmy Harker * of Frank of Irving Calif..

For almost 20 years, Charmy has been hunting and collecting all kinds of things made with or using pennies. Her most favorite type of penny exonumia are the pieces made by prisoners and soldiers during the 1930’s and 1940’s – from teapots (or kettles) to mugs, to frying pans, to pins and other charms and jewelry pieces.  Charmy’s presentation will discuss the history behind these handmade penny creations and will show all the various types of charms and pins that soldiers and prisoners made during the 1930’s and 1940’s using pennies.

“Exonumia” means “outside the category of coins” and includes numismatic items that are not intended to circulate as money, such as tokens, medals, badges, encased and elongated coins, counter-stamped and engraved coins, and other similar items.


  • *Biography of Charmy Harker

Charmy acquired her passion for coins late in life after inheriting a group of coins from an aunt.  Not knowing anything about coins, she chose one type of coin – Indian cents – and learned everything she could about them. She eventually turned her passion into a fulltime business known as “The Penny Lady®,” dealing in all things pennies.  She has created her own website, and sets up at most of the major coin shows around the country:

Charmy is a member of numerous specialty coin clubs and currently serves as President of Women in Numismatics (WIN).  She also Chairs the ANA’s Dealer Relations Committee and received the ANA Presidential Award in 2014.  Charmy has given several presentations at the ANA Summer Seminar, the Southern and Norther California Numismatic Associations, and various clubs.  She has written numerous articles for coin publications, including a cover article for the ANA’s “The Numismatist.”  She also regularly publishes a photo travel-blog about her experiences as a dealer at coin shows.

Charmy’s numismatic exhibit, “Penny Potpourri – a Collection of Penny Creations,” has won top honors, including Best of Show and People’s Choice awards at numerous coin shows throughout 2014-2015.



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